Laguna Marble is Texas based company that focuses on providing premium quality home products created by talented artisans. Since the inception of our service in 2016, we have been collaborating with interior designers, architects, contractors, remodeling companies and homeowners to create stunning designs within budget.

At Laguna Marble, we pioneer innovations that open new frontiers in creative designs, and aesthetics without compromising on the crucial elements of quality and durability. Our mission is to inspire people to create unique living spaces by providing high-quality home products that combine artisan craftsmanship and natural elements.

Driven by an understanding that our mission cannot be achieved in isolation, we work closely with talented artisans across the globe who display an outstanding level of craftsmanship. Thus, we are able to synergize our innovative design initiatives with the skills of brilliant artisans to create handcraft, beautiful home products from natural elements such as stone and concrete.

The company began operations with the production of natural stone vessel sinks but later expanded horizontally to include fire pit tables and concrete fire pit bowls created by our ingenious artisans. We serve as a crucial stakeholder in our industry; inspiring creativity, fostering patronage and catering to the new and emerging design requirements of homeowners, interior designers and other stakeholders in the industry. We continue to promote collaborations with undiscovered artisans to expand our product catalogs.

Laguna Marble operates as an online company without a brick and mortar store. However, we have earned the trust and continued patronage of clients through our creativity, artisan traditions, and fair-trade practices. Our corporate mission is to persist in fostering the creation of unique living spaces at reasonable prices all around North America.