Distinctiveness, elegance and class are some of the features that our natural stone sinks will add to your residential projects. Our products are true relics of the earth with different patterning and veining, making each piece naturally unique.

Marble is a metamorphic stone composed of different minerals but primarily calcite. It is formed as a result of the recrystallization of limestone under intense heat and pressure. It possesses a tight crystalline structure with limited porosity. These qualities make it a very popular decorative stone for sculptural uses.

Travertine is sedimentary stone composed by different minerals but primarily calcium carbonate. Like marble, travertine is a form of limestone that comes in different colors and veining patterns. This type of stone has been used as a building material since ancient Roman times. Travertine can be used for structure and decorative purposes.

Onyx is a sedimentary stone and a variety of agate. It is translucent, calciferous and moderately porous. Onyx is an astonishing stone and it is widely known for its elegance and wide variety in colors and veining. Its unique traits and radiant colors make it a very popular stone for sculptural uses.